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DRA (Distal Radial Access)

Distal Radial Access

DRA (Distal Radial Access)

Distal radial access for angiography and angioplasty is now the buzz. It is done by very few cardiologists in India.
Interest in distal radial artery access (DRA) is growing rapidly. Among the benefits of DRA are the low risk of entry site bleeding complications and the low rate of radial artery occlusion
At Apex hospital Mulund now Dr Mayur Jain does many of the diagnostic procedures from distal radial artery.
The advantages of this technique include:
1. Minimal Risk of Hand Ischemia Due to Preservation of Blood Flow in the Forearm
2. Advantages for Hemostasis
3. Reduction in Nursing Staff Time
4. Greater Comfort for the Patient and the Operator
5. The Sheath is Secured with Less Movement in the Distal Segment
6. DRA Leaves Additional Arterial Access Options Open for Crossover
Dr Mayur Jain a gold medalist in DM cardiology is well known for his innovative work and complex angioplasty. He is now available daily for procedures at Apex hospital, Mulund.
We promise better patient care, patient safety and patient comfort by using new technology at our hospital.

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