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    Critical care comprises the use of world class equipment and technologies including the latest in Interventional Radiology, Ventilators, hemo filtration equipment for renal complications like acute failure, monitoring equipment for heart rate, cardiac rhythm, Blood pressure (arterial and non-invasive), 24×7 availability of Emergency cardiac care.

    An intensive care unit (ICU) is a hospital department that specializes in the care of patients who are critically ill. Patients in the ICU are closely monitored and receive intensive medical treatment.

    The ICU team includes doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other specialists who are specially trained in caring for critically ill patients. The team works together to provide coordinated care for the patient.

    The goals of care in the ICU are to improve the patient’s health and to help them return home or to another ward as soon as possible.

    Advanced Technology:

    ICUs have come a long way in terms of technology in the past few years. There are now many devices that can help doctors and nurses provide care to patients in the ICU. Some of these devices include bedside monitors that track heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs, as well as ventilators that help patients breathe. These devices help doctors and nurses provide care that is tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. Additionally, the use of advance technology has allowed doctors and nurses to predict problems before they occur and address them quickly, which helps improve patient outcomes.

    ICU at Apex:

    The ICU Department at apex hospital is staffed by a team of expert nurses and doctors who use advanced technology to care for their patients. The nurses are highly skilled in critical care and work closely with the doctors to provide the best possible care for their patients. The department is equipped with the latest in medical equipment and technology, which allows the staff to monitor patients’ conditions 24 hours a day. We have in-house pathology, pharmacy and 24*7 Ambulance facilities to allow patients to get proper care at time under one roof.