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Is Shortness of Breath Hinting a Bigger Issue?

Shortness of breath

Is Shortness of Breath Hinting a Bigger Issue?

One who typically feels short of breath may have found an early symptom of an underlying condition. Shortness of breath is a normal reaction to weaker heart performance.

If you’re doing something you usually do while experiencing shortness of breath, or there’s shortness of breath when you’re not exerting yourself, that could be a sign that a heart condition which is causing the symptoms. In most cases, asymptomatic instances of hypertension are numerous. This is due to the fact that many people don’t experience any physical symptoms, unfortunately.

Keeping in mind the fact that a number of these symptoms are known to be part of serious underlying issues, idioms like “The chest pain or discomfort up to dizziness or fainting with activity, worsening, fluid retention (oedema), and coughing blood signify that you must see the doctor” can relate to the case at hand. You require immediate medical action if you discover that these symptoms have appeared suddenly. If you do not catch the issue quickly enough, your symptoms may worsen or possibly be permanent.

A couple of symptoms similar to moderate or serious headaches, nervousness, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, palpitations, or tingling sensations in the throat might be the outcome of high blood pressure. For this reason, contact your physician as soon as possible to schedule a check so you can monitor your health on an ongoing basis.

As the age-old saying goes….

“PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” so visit your nearest doctor and get evaluated as soon as possible.


– Article by 

Dr Sagar Patil

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