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Dr. Mohinish Bhatjiwale

Dr. Mohinish Bhatjiwale

Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Mohinish Bhatjiwale

Designation: Neuro Surgeon
Availability: Apex Hospitals Borivali
Timings: By Appointment
Location: Mumbai


Educational Qualifications

  • M.S, M.Ch (Neurosurgery), FIASS, FIFN (UK), DSE, DHA Neurological, Spine & Pain Surgeon


  • First Fellowship Trained Epilepsy Surgeon of India instrumental in setting up of the largest Epilepsy Surgery Centre in Maharashtra at KEM Hospital.
  • First to perform a Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinsons Disease in a Public Hospital in India.
  • Has treated with medications or surgery, personally , thru the aegis of NeuroHealth Foundation, more than 90,000 patients suffering from Neurological Spine and Pain problems over the last 30 years. His practice encompasses multiple Public Municipal & Govt Hospitals, Charitable and Private Clinics in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Thus has an experience of treating Neurological & Spinal Disease probably second to none and a Unique Neurosurgeon with one of the most sound backgrounds of Clinical Neurology.
  • Acknowledged authority on Radiofrequency for Trigeminal Neuralgia with Two NEW scientifically published world discoveries for treating Ophthalmic Neuralgia and Deafferentation Neuropathy with Pulsed Radiofrequency.


  • Has experience of treating more than 75,000 patients of Craniofacial Pain including Migraines, Neuralgias, Atypical Dental Pain .
  • First in the world to coin the Term `ECO NEUROLOGY’, in 2019, denoting A science to study the impact of Global Climate Change on Brain Spine and Nerves. A committed crusader for Ecological Preservation with his campaign of SAVE PEEPAL-SAVE PEOPLE

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